There are several actions that will not halt bankruptcy. This is why it is ideal to make an automatic stay in order to formally stop certain things from continuing such as creditors collection activities. It may also halt various judicial and administrative collections and the collection proceedings. This can help from further proceedings in tax courts including pending cases.

In order for this totaled action a petition must be filed immediately. The stay will be effective the time that the petition is filed. There are something’s however, that may not stop the automatic stay including criminal charges. Other violations and proceedings that may not stop automatically including any violent or domestic charges.

If a creditor continues to illegally collect from you then you may be possible to monetary damages. The stay remains in effect until the case is closed, the case id dismissed, or dropped entirely. During the filling. You and collection notifications will be notified if the bankruptcy filing has took place. An Order of Relief can be filed to help all creditors which will be sent from the clerk from where the petition was initially filed. It’s ideal to discus what things will not be stopped by the automatic stay.

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