Corporate Services:
Whether your business is organized as a corporation, an LLC, or some other entity, governance matters are often neglected in private businesses. We will review your corporate minutes and other documents to ensure you are in compliance with the formalities of the law, and help to keep you in compliance as time goes on. We will also assist in reviewing contracts with customers, vendors, landlords and employees to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to, and what your rights are under your various contracts. The goal of McBride Law, PLC is to establish a relationship with your company similar to that of a General Counsel at a larger company.

Estate Planning:
Estate planning for both business owners and non-business owners can pose many challenges. Whether your goal is to merely effectuate an orderly disposition of your assets, or to aggressively minimize taxes and protect assets from potential creditors, McBride Law, PLC keeps current on all developments in the world of estate planning, and develops a plan that is right for your specific needs. We do not merely fill in the blanks on a standard form; we develop our own library of Will and Trust clauses and customize the documents to ensure your specific wishes are carried out. In addition to Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives, we have unparalleled expertise in sophisticated methods for reducing the bite from estate and gift taxes.

We are experienced in both tax planning and tax controversy. With experience dealing with federal and state income taxes, estate taxes and property taxes, we can help you plan to minimize your tax burden, or help you defend yourself against claims by the IRS or other taxing authorities. We will work with your other financial professionals to minimize your tax burden, and will assist in such matters as property tax abatements and IRS assessments.

Business Formation:
The act of forming a corporation or LLC is quite simple. Download a form from the Secretary of State, pay $50 and you have a legal entity. So why do you need a lawyer to form a business? The complexity of forming a business is not in the filing of documents with the state. McBride Law, PLC will assist you in determining what type of business entity is right for you. This determination will involve an analysis of the income tax, self-employment tax and legal liability differences between the various business structures. We will also assist you in drafting the governing documents to make certain the relationships between the owners is clearly understood and documented in writing.

Buying or Selling a Business:
Buying or selling a business could be one of the most stressful events of your life. With extensive experience in negotiating the terms of such transactions, McBride Law, PLC can make the experience a lot less confusing. Our knowledge of the various financial aspects of these transactions helps us to work in conjunction with your other financial professionals to safeguard your financial interests in the transaction.

Real Estate:
McBride Law, PLC can assist you in the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate, as well as residential property (under certain circumstances).